Other Options Outside of a Jury Trial

Not a fan of jury trials? Afraid of the unpredictability they bring? Fortunately, there are other options to resolve your case. The following are the most popular:

Mediation – When both sides attempt to settle a dispute with the help of a 3rd party, otherwise known as the mediator. A mediator can be anyone, but in usual circumstances they are either lawyers, judges, or commissioners. When choosing a mediator, it is best to consult your attorney as they will know the best fit for your particular case.

Arbitration – An informal trial in front of a 3rd party judge, otherwise known as the arbitrator. This method is similar to trial, except there are no formal rules of evidence, they tend to be much shorter, and the arbitrator will decide the verdict.

Bench Trials – A court preceding in front of a judge with no jury involvement. This is the closest version of a normal jury trial, however, the judge will decide your case instead of a jury.

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