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John Doe vs. John Doe – $7,500,000.00 settlement with $2,000,000.00 workers’ compensation lien waiver. Construction Accident; fall down with traumatic brain injury and paralysis.

The plaintiff who was employed by a roofing contractor fell from the roof of a construction site 11 feet to the hard pavement below. As a result of the fall, the plaintiff sustained multiple skull fractures, pneumocephalus, near occlusion of the basil artery, right frontal epidural hematoma and trace subarachnoid hemorrhage. As a result of the injuries, the plaintiff was left with functional brain impairment, visual impairment and little to no movement to his upper and lower extremities. After the plaintiff’s claim was reviewed and refused by another law firm, they then retained The Law Office of George H. Romania. Attorney Romania brought a claim against the owner of the commercial building where he fell and the general contractor. The general contractor then sued the plaintiff’s employer based on an indemnification claim and separately, the plaintiff’s employer joined the lawsuit seeking reimbursement of workers’ compensation benefits. In order to succeed with the plaintiff’s claim, Attorney Romania needed to establish that the general contractor and/or the owner of the business had control of the work site and their negligence resulted in the injuries that plaintiff sustained. Attorney Romania hired a top liability expert, multiple medical experts, a neuropsychologist, an occupational expert to develop a life plan and an economist. The matter recently settled at mediation for the sum of $7,500,000.00 with a waiver of the workers’ compensation lien which was approximately $2,000,000.00.

JG vs. DD and Trash Masters – $2,500,000.00. Workers’ compensation/personal injury claim. Crushed leg.

The plaintiff was working during the course of his employment as a garbage picker for Trash Masters. As he was loading trash in the back of the garbage truck, the driver backed over the plaintiff’s leg. The plaintiff suffered multiple fractures, a massive crush injury and the removal of a large portion of skin. The plaintiff required several years of medical care that included multiple surgeries to his leg arid knee along with extensive plastic surgery. Even though the plaintiff was working for Trash Master at the time of the accident and received workers’ compensation benefits, because of the accident involved a motor vehicle, he was also able to sue Trash Masters for his pain and suffering. Trash Master denied responsibility claiming that the plaintiff’s own negligence was what caused his injuries. With the use of liability experts, the plaintiff was able to establish that the defendant was responsible for his injuries. With the use of numerous medical experts, of an economist, and other experts who prepared a life care plan for the plaintiff, he was able to establish his extensive damages. The case was mediated before a retired Judge from the Connecticut Supreme Court and settled for $2,500,000.00.

VVB vs. CH2M Hill Companies. $903,000.00. Workers’ Compensation Claim. Back injury.

The claimant suffered a severe low back injury many years ago during the course of his employment. The back injury resulted in subsequent surgery which did not relieve his chronic lower extremity pain. The claimant became disabled and became eligible for Social Security Disability. Over the years, the claim was contested many times concerning the claimant’s work capacity however, it was established that he was permanently and totally disabled. Eventually the claim settled for $903,000.00.

AZ vs. Jon Doe Company – $880,000.00. School bus accident.

The minor child hit his head on a side window when the bus was struck by the defendant’s vehicle. The minor then developed hydrocephalus; a condition that caused excess liquid on the brain. The claim was heard before a three-member arbitration panel who awarded $880,000.00.

The Estate of MP vs Mallard Brook Association, Inc.- $750,000.00. Wrongful Death Claim.

The plaintiff was killed in a fire inside of his condominium located in West Haven, CT. A wrongful death claim was brought against the condominium association for their failure to maintain working smoke alarms along their failure to maintain working windows which would have allowed an exit point wherein the plaintiff could have escaped from the burning unit. With the help of fire experts, the matter recently settled in favor of the estate for $750,000.00.

John Doe vs. Town of Stratford – $750,000. Workers’ compensation claim.

The claimant, a police officer for the town of Stratford, injured his Back, Hip, and Heart in the line of duty. Romania Law fought through intensive litigation to prove the claimant was permanently and totally disabled due to his disabilities. The case eventually resolved during a mediation for slightly more than $750,000.00.

The Estate of WS vs. SP – $650,000.00. Wrongful Death. Scooter vs motor vehicle.

The deceased plaintiff was killed while riding on a scooter on the Post Road in Madison when the defendant backed out of a parking space and clipped his scooter. As a result of the accident, the plaintiff passed away the following day as a result of severe head trauma. With the help of an accident Reconstructionist, the matter eventually settled at mediation with a Judge of the Superior Court. The deceased’s estate received $650,000.00.

SR vs. Light Sources – $632,535.00. Workers’ compensation claim.

The claimant injured his back during the course of his employment which resulted in a lumbar fusion. The surgery was not successful as the claimant was left with chronic pain. After extensive litigation, it was determined that the claimant was permanently disabled from the work place. The claimant settled his claim of $632,535.00.

The Estate of RC vs. VNA – $500,000.00. Medical Malpractice.

The plaintiff was an elderly disabled man who would have the VNA Service come into his home and lift him into and out of bed by the use of a Hoyer. The defendant, an agent of VNA dropped the plaintiff while trying to lift him out of bed thereby breaking his femur. The plaintiff eventually became septic, lost his leg and then died. The case was complicated by the fact that it was discovered that the plaintiff had Stage 4 cancer with a life expectancy of only one year at the time of his death. A three-member arbitration panel awarded $500,00.00 to the plaintiff’s estate.

RD vs. JA – $485,000.00 settlement; Auto collision

A young woman sustained a displaced tibia fracture as a result of a motor vehicle accident. A rod was placed in her leg and ankle surgery was also required. Complex medical exhibits were prepared by Attorney Romania with the help of an expert from Louisiana which clearly demonstrated the injury helping the matter to resolve.

MR vs. ST. RAPHAELS – $484,000.00 workers’ compensation settlement.

After receiving benefits for over 15 years, the woman settled her claim with the hospital for $484,000.00. A complex agreement was worked out by Attorney Romania with Medicare which allowed the woman to continue to receive Medicare Benefits and actually have her monthly Social Security Disability check increase.

PH vs. Pratt & Whitney – $455,837.00. Workers’ compensation claim. Low Back

The claimant injured his back during the course of his employment which resulted in a lumbar fusion. After the surgery, the claimant was left with severe chronic pain. A dispute arose between the claimant and Pratt & Whitney as to whether or not the claimant maintained a work capacity. With the use of medical and occupational experts, it was determined that the claimant no longer had a work capacity. The claim settled for $455,837.00.

KL vs. Dental Group – $433,122.00. Workers’ compensation claim, carpel tunnel.

The claimant, an administrative secretary for a dental group developed bilateral carpel tunnel and cubical tunnel as a result of repetitive work using her arms and hands. The claimant underwent bilateral carpel tunnel surgery and a release of the cubical tunnel. Said surgeries resulted in the claimant suffering from chronic pain to both upper extremities. The claimant was diagnosed as having sustained chronic pain syndrome and/or regional pain syndrome. The claimant was required to have a pain pump implanted. The pain pump eventually failed and was required to be removed. Attorney Romania provided the claimant with the necessary assistance needed in order to receive Social Security Disability and Medicare. After many years of litigation, the claim settled for the total amount of $433,122.00.

AV vs. RS – 430,000.00 settlement; Underinsured motorist claim.

A man sustained neck and back injuries as a result of a motor vehicle collision. He eventually went on to have neck and low back surgery. The man had a history of two back surgeries taking place prior to the accident. Multiple parties were involved in the litigation along with the plaintiff’s own insurance company concerning an underinsured motorist claim. At the start of the litigation, the man’s own orthopaedic surgeon was reluctant to connect the low back surgery to the recent motor vehicle accident. But after medical and legal literature was provided to the surgeon by Attorney Romania, a connection was made. The case, where the defendants’ original offer was $65,000.00, subsequently settled for $430,000.00.

John Doe vs. Santa Fuel – 400,000.00 settlement; Workers’ Compensation claim.

The claimant injured both shoulders during the course of employment. The alleged employer, T Medneck Services LLC, did not carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. Therefore, litigation pursued in order to prove Santa Fuel as the principle employer, thereby allowing the Claimant to recover for his injuries. After multiple surgeries, the Claimant successfully settled his claim for $400,000.

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